August 6, 2019 0 By Contributor

The family is known to be the first environmental factor for changes in development, particularly when it comes to the social and emotional development of children. There are some psychological theories which are of the opinion that, the relationship between the environment and the child, is a reciprocal relationship.

Hence, the behaviour of the parents, has an effect on the child, and their style of parenting also has a lot to say on the behaviour which the child will come up with, same applies to their abilities. For instance, the mood and temperament which a child develops, could be as a result of the quality of life of the parents.

Research has shown that, a good number of addicted users, developed their addiction before they attained the age of 18. Chiefly, when it comes to substance abuse, 90% of individuals started taking either drugs, alcohol or both, before they clocked 18 years.

The socialization process which parents give their children, is a major determinant on how well they are protected and prevented from being addicted.

Children who grew up experiencing the authoritative style of parenting, are less prone to take either alcohol or drugs at their young age, and they usually have profound coping strategies.

It would also interest you to know that, these children usually have lesser behavioural problems than their counterparts who started taking certain substances, or indulging in any act at a young age.

Hence, the authoritative style of parenting, which is in line with the laws of the family, with the integration of intimacy and respect for one another, and the child taking part in important issues, gives the child optimum protection against addiction and behavioural problems attached to it.

Parents are advised that they should not be slow to responding to questions which their children could have when it comes to any of these acts. Parents who hide certain knowledge from their children, tend to put them at risk, as they would want to discover things for themselves.