Function of the friends in addiction treatment

September 1, 2020 0 By Contributor

Beyond the scope of addiction recovery, friends play a pivotal role in the restoration and maintenance of our mental health. Friends are quintessential for counsel and support.

With good friendship, you are provided with a good sense of purpose and belonging. And your self-confidence and self-worth increases.  

Not all friendships are worthy ones. There are some that induces negative effects like an increase in anxiety and stress. Other friendships can make it look like you are in a competition with them, which is often unhealthy.

In the treatment of addiction, the individual would be advised to assess all his friends. Those who are equally addicted to alcohol need to be done away with. And the individual would need to draw closer to sober friends.

At some point, these friends might want to insist on the continuation of your addiction, but thee individual needs to be resolute.

During addiction treatment, sober friends are needed to provide support to their loved one. There are times when there is a feeling to give up. But with the support of sober friends, they will provide enough motivation and support for you to continue.

Even after addiction treatment, friends still have a quintessential role to play. During recovery, relapse is a very feasible occurrence which creeps in if care is not taken. Someone who is certified to have recovered from addiction needs a good support system after completing addiction treatment.

One of the reasons why people relapse is because they try to rush themselves into the hustle and bustle of life. They are unaware that after addiction treatment, a lot would have changed. And it would be advisable to take one step at a time instead of rushing things.

With a sober friend by your side, he would provide guidance and support to you. Gradually, they will assist in integrating you into your normal life seamlessly. The place of good and sober friends in our life is crucial and they should never be taken for granted.