September 8, 2020 0 By Contributor

Addiction can be regarded as a family disease because it causes rifts between the addicted individual and his family members. When an individual is addicted, it does not affect them alone, it affects the family.

The family would be stressed because it would be difficult to put up with an addicted person since they don’t see eye to eye.

A good number of people who are addicted tend to behave erratically and this depends if they are drunk or sober. Even during recovery, they still exhibit some behaviors that do not go down well with their family members.

Counselors are well aware of this rift between addicts and family members and this is why they try everything possible to bring them back into the same loving fold. Typically, there are scheduled family sessions that is integrated into the treatment schedule of the individual.

The counselor encourages the family to attend these sessions so that they can see how their loved one is faring. The counselor is aware that one of the reasons why the recovering addict is treated that way is because, the family fail to understand that their addiction is not entirely their fault.

When the family comes for the family session, they will have a good idea on what their loved one is going through. The counselor would take it upon himself to ensure the family has a good idea on the concept of addiction.

Moreso, it is usually another source of encouragement to the recovering individual. This is because, seeing his family come around during his treatment and counseling session, gives him the impression that they care about him. So, whatever must have happened in the past would be forgotten.

Family sessions are usually a time to put the past behind everyone and look forward to a new beginning. When the individual fully recovers from addiction, he will be grateful to the family because they were there for him.