4 Reasons Why The Family and Their Addicted Members Are Always in Conflict

June 22, 2021 0 By Contributor


One of the downsides of addictions is broken relationships. When people start suffering from addiction, most times fall out with family and friends. It is why therapists try to help recovering addicts build relationships. 

Addiction affects a person’s ability to relate with people, it has adverse effects on their relational life. Addicts develop problems with their family members because of the toll their addiction takes on everybody in the family. 

We see that many drug and alcohol addicts cannot live with their families. It is due to the strenuous relationships they develop when their addiction starts. We will review four reasons why addicts are always in conflict with their family members. 

1. Addiction Causes Division in the Family 

One of the effects of addiction is it causes the individual to lose the love of his family members. Individuals who were once peaceful and loving and now suffer addiction are viewed as disappointments to their family members. If an individual becomes a drug or alcohol addict, there will be a strain on the marital relationship. At this stage, divorce is imminent.

2. Family Members Suffer

When people suffer from addiction, they are not the only ones suffering. The people who love them also suffer the emotional trauma of seeing them in that condition.

Some family members will buckle under the pressure of the consequences of their addicted family member’s decision. It can lead to a broken relationship.

3. Already Strained Relationship

Some addicts attribute their addictions to issues with their family members. Certain individuals come under the influence of drugs and alcohol at periods when they feel betrayed by family members.

When teenage children try to display rebellion against their parents and turn to drugs and alcohol, it may kick start their journey to addiction. 

4. Inability to Communicate 

When people become addicted to substances, it becomes difficult to communicate with them. The inability to communicate effectively will always cause a strain in their relationship.