Role of the family in preventing addiction among young ones

June 29, 2021 0 By Contributor

Families are responsible for over 75% of the good and bad attitudes of people in the world. The kind of families in the society explains the behavior of people in that society. So, the family plays a pivotal role in promoting or correcting any attitude at all.

Some people fall into drug addiction because it is what they see their parents or elder ones do. Children, teenagers, and young adults feel curious about what their parents or siblings do.

Some even start to take drugs because they feel depressed and lose their self-esteem because they do not get enough attention and care from their family.

A family with loved ones struggling with an addiction might have to deal with several days of pain and abnormality to get them out of it. For this reason, families must play an active role in preventing addiction among the younger generation. Some essential functions of the family in preventing addiction include:

  1. Avoid having addictive substances in the house: Parents should intentionally rid the home of substances or habits that may trigger addiction.
  2. Monitor the kind of friends they keep: Peer pressure is a prevalent progenitor of addiction. The set of friends your young ones have can influence them into any form of addiction. Therefore, parents should be cautious of the friends their children keep.
  3. Actively make them aware of the consequences of addiction: Young ones are usually oblivious of the after-effects of substance and behavioral abuse. Parents should endeavor to school their wards in this capacity.
  4. Ensure your family members get all the love and care they need: People try silly things like taking an inebriating drink or drugs when they feel stressed, depressed or when things seem not to be working out well. At this time, they need their family members to give them all the love and care they can get to avoid substance abuse or addiction.